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Our Wills & estate lawyers in Halifax are committed to helping you ensure that your wishes are heard. Your Will and estate plan ensures that your loved ones are protected and provided for upon your passing. 

Our flat fee, one-meeting approach to crafting Wills and estate plans was designed considering you and your family’s convenience and peace of mind. By streamlining the process into a single phone call and one efficient meeting, we aim to minimize disruption to your busy schedule. The transparent flat fee structure ensures clarity and predictability in terms of costs, eliminating any surprises. (See below for costs.)

With a focus on speed and precision, our goal is to provide you and your family with a comprehensive estate plan swiftly, without compromising on the thoroughness and quality required for such important legal documents. This approach not only saves you time and potential stress but also ensures that your wishes are accurately documented and legally sound, offering you and your loved ones a foundation of security for the future.

You have worked hard your whole life, make it count. Give your family the gift of a Will. Talk to our Halifax Wills and estate lawyers today — we are here to open doors and give you access to the legal services you need.

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Our estate planning team has the expertise and experience to help you design a plan for the future that reflects your wishes and values. We are committed to providing you with high-quality legal services and peace of mind, knowing that your family will be well-protected and supported.

Wills & Estate Planning - Flat Fees

Control your legal costs with our flat fee services:

Last Will and Testament
$425 + HST
Power Of Attorney (POA)
$200 + HST
Living Will or Personal Directive (PD) $200 + HST
Estate Package: Will, POA, PD $725 + HST
Last Will and Testament
$725 + HST
Power Of Attorney (POA)
350 + HST
Living Will or Personal Directive (PD) $350 + HST
Estate Package: Will, POA, PD $1095 + HST

Wills & Estates

Wills & Estate Attorney Halifax

One of the goals of estate planning is to create a Will which acts as a plan to identify the guardian of your children and how assets and wealth are distributed.  A Will also clarifies that debts must be paid before the gifts are released.

A Will must meet specific drafting and signing requirements in order to be legal. Therefore, it should be done with a lawyer to ensure its validity and to ensure your wishes cannot be overturned.

The benefits of using a Halifax estate planning lawyer may include:

  • reducing probate fees
  • ensuring a valid Will
  • ensuring your children are emotionally and financially taken care of upon your death according to your wishes.

A properly planned estate requires a Will, power of attorney, and personal directive.

  • Your last Will and testament details your final wishes and the distribution of your estate to those you care about most.
  • Your power of attorney is a document that allows you to appoint a trusted friend or family member to run your financial affairs if you cannot because of injury, loss of capacity, or you don’t feel like it.
  • Your personal directive is also known as a medical directive. This is a legal document that appoints someone to make medical care decisions on your behalf if you cannot.

Estate lawyers typically prepare three documents: a Will, a Power of Attorney and a Personal Directive. These documents appoint someone to step into your position if you are unable or unwilling to respond. A Will appoints a legal representative after death. A Power of Attorney appoints an alternate financial decision-maker to act for you while you are living. A Living Will/Personal Directive appoints someone to make your medical decisions if you cannot make them yourself.

If you die without a Will, you may leave your family in disarray because there is no “legal point person”. For example, there is no one to access your bank account after you die or transfer your home’s title to the next generation. A Wills and Estate lawyer must file extra court paperwork (i.e., an “application”) with the probate registry to appoint a person to handle the estate. These applications typically cost at least $2,000. If you work with our Halifax estate lawyers to set up an estate package ahead of time, we will ensure that everything is accounted for and that this process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you have suffered a stroke and have no power of attorney, your spouse, for example, may be required to make a guardianship application. This application will cost your loved ones at least $5,000 (and that is when there is no conflict).

An executor (personal representative) is an individual appointed to carry out the instructions in your Will. Their power takes effect immediately upon your death. They are responsible for implementing your Will. They ensure the payment of debts and then transfer your assets to the beneficiaries.

A regular Will does not cover your medical decisions. A living Will, also known as a personal directive, is what provides your loved ones with guidance on how to respect your medical wishes when you are unable to communicate them yourself.   For example, if you are in a coma and have a heart attack, do you want to have CPR to bring you back to your previous state?  For these types of situations, a living Will provides direction for your medical decision-maker and the medical establishment.

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