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Brookshire Law Office offers select corporate law services.  Our Halifax corporate lawyer Alan Freckelton, who serves all of Nova Scotia, offers flat fee incorporations. Setting up an incorporation in Nova Scotia involves a series of crucial steps, from choosing a business name to fulfilling ongoing compliance obligations. 

Our incorporation lawyer includes services up to and including the following for a flat fee:

  • Complete your name search – Ensuring that the chosen name complies with the regulations set by the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies.
  • Define the business structure – Determining whether it will be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. In the case of a corporation, decide on the type, such as a non-profit, for-profit, or cooperative.
  • Prepare and file incorporation documents – Drafting the Articles of Incorporation, which outline essential details about the company, including its purpose, share structure, and registered office address. Prepare the bylaws, which outline the internal rules and regulations governing the corporation. Finally, complete the required forms, such as the NUANS report, which verifies the uniqueness of the business name, and file these documents with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies.
  • Appoint directors and officers – Determine the individuals who will serve as directors and officers, ensuring they meet the eligibility criteria. Provide their names, addresses, and other required information in the incorporation documents.

After successfully incorporating your business, it is essential to fulfill ongoing compliance obligations in Nova Scotia. This includes maintaining proper corporate records, such as annual meeting minutes and financial statements, file annual returns and pay the required fees to the Registry of Joint Stock Companies. Should you have questions arise after incorporation about the legal requirements, our lawyer is available to assist you by the hour with our legal coaching services. 

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Alan Freckelton is the Brookshire Law Office’s Halifax incorporation lawyer. Our incorporation team is here to help you start your business, knowing you are correctly set up for your business goals.

We offer flat fee incorporations so you can plan your budget.

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Incorporating a business offers certain legal protections to the owners, commonly known as limited liability. This means that the shareholders’ personal assets are generally protected from the debts and liabilities of the corporation. However, there are still legal responsibilities and obligations that must be met by the directors and officers of the corporation. Understanding the extent of liability protection and adhering to corporate governance rules are crucial for business owners to avoid personal liability issues. Consulting with an attorney to review your situation is our recommended course of action.

Directors and officers play a crucial role in the operation and management of a corporation. Questions may arise about the fiduciary duties, that is the duty to act in the company’s best interest and not in personal best interest, they owe to the corporation and its shareholders, their liabilities for corporate debts and obligations, and the steps they should take to ensure compliance with provincial laws and regulations governing corporate governance, financial reporting, and other corporate matters. Understanding these legal responsibilities and liabilities is essential for those considering serving as directors or officers of a Nova Scotia corporation.

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