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Adoptions are a special life event which should be filled with festivity, not court paperwork. Our adoption lawyer has had many years helping families through all varieties of family law in Halifax and surrounding areas. The most joyous of these family law cases is helping clients to connect the legal dots to parenthood. 

Like many of our law services, for families looking to adopt, we offer the innovative solution of flat fee services. This is offered for uncontested adoptions, more complex adoptions would require further discussion in the initial consultation.

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An uncontested adoption means the parties involved agree in the adoption taking place. These adoptions involve, first, an initial consultation, and then work on the adoption itself. 

When you are applying for an adoption in Nova Scotia, the uncontested adoption process includes (among other things):

  • Writing a letter to the Department of Community Services to provide a notice of proposed adoption. This would include the details of the parties involved.
  • Completing, with the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, the application ‘with consents’ for adoption. 
  • Upon the courts approval, receiving an adoption order. We attend all court appearances with you as your legal representative as part of the flat fee.

Whether you are looking to adopt a baby, child, youth or even an adult, we would love to be a part of the journey with you. We will help you understand the nature of the law, step by step, and help you gather your paperwork and go with you through the court process.

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Family Law adoption Fees

An initial consultation will be held to make sure the adoption fits our definition of an uncontested adoption. Adoptions falling in this category are $3500 plus HST (flat fee), and disbursements. 

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