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Brookshire Law Office offers a three-week family mediation program in Halifax that allows you to resolve all of your outstanding divorce and separation matters in a timely and cost effective manner. If you are accepted into the program, each spouse pays a flat fee $2,450 (+ HST) which results in the creation of a separation agreement. The mediation sessions are by video conference (Zoom) or in-person if requested.

How Our Divorce Mediation Program Works

The three-week divorce mediation program is structured as follows:
  • 1st week: the family mediator works with each spouse separately to draft a separation agreement.
  • 2nd week: the family mediator meets together with the spouses to review the draft agreement.
  • Between 2nd and 3rd week: the spouses are encouraged to consult with a lawyer of their choosing to receive independent legal advice on the draft agreement–we can provide the spouses with a list of qualified mediation lawyers for this review.
  • 3rd week: the mediator meets together with the spouses to finalize the draft agreement.  The 3rd week typically ends with the spouses signing a separation agreement that resolves any and all outstanding family law issues. 
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Family Law Mediation Fees​

After the three-week mediation program, the spouses may want to proceed with an uncontested divorce (provided they have a signed agreement). The mediator can prepare all court documents needed for their divorce. The cost for each spouse is $900 (plus HST).

Although Brookshire Law Office provides an efficient and effective three-week mediation program, some spouses require the assistance of a family court judge. If requested, a judge will agree to meet with the spouses for an afternoon and collaboratively work with them to secure an agreement on any remaining issues. To book a judge, certain documents must be prepared and filed with the court. The mediator will prepare and file these documents – the cost for each spouse is $1,250 (plus HST).

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