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Advanced Estate Planning

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Our Wills & estate lawyers in Halifax are here to help you with your estate, no matter the size. For our clients with larger estates, near or more than half a million dollars, we offer advanced estate planning.

Advanced estate planning helps bring together the people, who with their combined knowledge, can help you protect your estate from unnecessary taxes. As lawyers we are often asked financial tax questions when helping our clients prepare their Wills and Estate Packages. Unfortunately, we can not advise on tax questions as we are not accountants. That being said, our new advanced estate package includes some of these additional tax advice related services.

If you have an accountant, we will consult with them, or we can use ours.  We will take a list of your assets to the Probate Court for classification. If you have insurance and investments advisors, we will consult with them if necessary. 

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Shawn Scott is one of Brookshire's Estate Lawyers Halifax

Our Advanced Estate Planning Team

Shawn Scott is the founder and senior legal counsel at Brookshire Law Office. He was rated “3 Best Rated” Wills and Estate Lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our advanced estate planning team is here to help you plan for the future in a way that leaves you with peace of mind, knowing your family will be taken care of as best as possible. We believe it is important for your legal team to partner with your financial team to come up with the solution that is right for you.

Advanced Estate Planning - Flat Fees

Control your legal costs with our flat fee services:

  • For couples whose estates are separate: $2500 per individual plus $150 admin fee and HST.  The cost of the Will or estate package and disbursements are separate.
  • For couples who have their estate assets previously set up jointly: the cost for these couples is $3500 plus $150 admin fee and HST.  The cost of the Will or estate package and disbursements are separate.

*The client pays the accountant’s fees directly to the accountant as the cost of the accountant’s time is separate. 

If any deeds are necessary, the cost is $600 per deed plus admin fee, HST and disbursements.

Will and estate package fees:

*below prices plus 4% admin fee and HST

Last Will and Testament - $425
Power Of Attorney (POA) - $200
Living Will or Personal directive (PD) - $200
Estate Package: Will, POA, PD - $725
Last Will and Testament - $725
Power Of Attorney (POA) - 350
Living Will or Personal directive (PD) - $350
Estate Package: Will, POA, PD - $1095

Advanced Estate Planning

Estate Lawyer Halifax

Many clients with a high value estate would like to leave more to their heirs by reducing the taxes the estate pays.  They also want to minimize probate taxes, or avoid probate court altogether.  Our Halifax Wills and Estate lawyer will guide you through advanced estate planning in Nova Scotia.

The first step is taking an inventory of your assets and the approximate values of them. This includes investments, GIC’s, pensions, RRSP’s, bank accounts and tax-free savings accounts.

When talking with the accountants we will consider how to structure the title to your real estate to minimize probate fees and CRA taxes now and after you pass. 

When talking with Probate Court they will assist us in classifying assets to determine which ones can be diverted away from probate and what instruments we need to set up (eg., deeds) to do so.

After you have provide us with information on any life insurance policies you have, if necessary, we will reach out to insurance brokers to provide you with insurance options and their costs that can reduce CRA taxes on the estate. 

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