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Brookshire Law Office works with Halifax workplace investigation lawyer, Daniel Wilband, who serves all of Nova Scotia. Working side by side with employees and employers, Daniel has spent years helping improve workplace culture in both simple and complex situations. Familiar with human rights, our workplace investigator understands the complexities of the work environment.

Daniel will evaluate the source of workplace conflicts and provide sophisticated solutions. He will investigate volatile complaints, all the while seeking to de-escalate conflict. Some of the areas of investigation include such human rights complaints as racial discrimination, gender identity discrimination and sexual harassment. If requested, an investigation into whether the issues are systematically based can also be made.

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Our workplace investigations Team

Daniel Wilband is the Halifax workplace investigator for Brookshire Law Office. With an extensive background in employment law and investigative techniques, he brings a wealth of expertise to each case, ensuring a thorough and impartial examination of workplace concerns.

Our workplace investigation team takes immense pride in providing meticulous workplace investigations. We are dedicated to upholding the values of fairness and integrity in every investigation undertaken. Committed to preserving confidentiality and treating all parties involved with respect, our employment workplace investigator strives to unearth the truth and provide actionable recommendations that promote positive change within your organization.

Workplace investigation Fees

The cost of simple or complex investigations vary depending on the breadth and depth of the commission. Depending on the investigation’s length, to help with the cost effectiveness for the organization, monthly flat fees can be provided. Discounts are available for small businesses and nonprofits.

Q & A

about Workplace Investigations

A simple investigation looks for what happened in a single occurrence. Based on the validity of the allegations, recommendations are made as to what steps should be taken to correct the immediate situation.

The workplace investigation process includes an interview process for the employees involved in the complaint. This would include both employees who are potential witnesses or employees who are involved in workplace misconduct. With the information gathered in the investigation the employer’s position is determined and they decide whether corrective action is needed.

When systemic issues go beyond the individual circumstances of the complaints, this is considered a “complex” workplace investigation. Our workplace investigators will provide insight into the broader context that contributed to the allegation.

After investigation, recommendations will be provided about these issues. Solutions can include systemic changes in policies, procedures, staffing, and organizational structures.

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