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Brookshire Law Office works with Daniel Wilband, our Halifax employment mediation and arbitration lawyer. He serves all of Nova Scotia, helping employees and employers in non-union settings, to improve workplace culture. Daniel has an extensive understanding of workplaces and their legal complexities, he is able to mediate and arbitrate workplace disputes. Hearing dates are available within three weeks and decisions can be delivered within three weeks.

With a focus on reducing conflict in the workplace, Daniel can help with interpreting employment agreements, applying common law and statutory duties to various workplace contexts, resolving human rights disputes and creating binding workable solutions for non-union workplaces. Book your consultation today to learn more about our mediated arbitration program.

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Employment Mediator
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Our Employment mediation and arbitration Team

Daniel Wilband is an experienced employment and human rights lawyer. We partner with him for all employment mediations and arbitrations.

Our employment and mediation team is committed to resolving workplace disputes with efficiency, fairness, and empathy. Our team has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the complexities within employment relationships. With a strong emphasis on confidentiality, respect, and professionalism, we are eager to serve as your trusted partners in navigating the path to harmonious and productive workplaces.

mediation and arbitration
Flat Fees


*all prices plus HST and expenses

One-Week arbitrations (agreed facts)
$1725 for the employee and $1725 for the employer*
Three-Week mediated arbitrations
$2450 for the employee and $2450 for employer*
Five-Week mediated arbitrations
$4900 for the employee and $4900 for the employer*
*If an issue remains, and an arbitration hearing is required, the arbitrator cost is $350 to $450 per hour plus HST and disbursements. To start the process of arbitration, an initial consultation with associated fee is required.

Q & A

about workplace mediated arbitrations

A mediated-arbitration process is when the parties involved agree that the mediator can also be the adjudicator. If the mediation ends with outstanding issues, then the mediator can act as an arbitrator and hold a hearing and create a binding decision for the parties.

To resolve disputes in the non-union context, a private arbitrator can help avoid unnecessary and lengthy court proceedings. An employment contract can mandate arbitration for situations where the parties cannot agree on an outcome, allowing an arbitrator to rule on the matter.

It is up to the parties to consent to have the mediator and arbitrator be the same person. It is allowed, but they can also be different people. Whether they are the same or different people, it is still a less expensive and more timely process than traditional litigation in court.

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