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Brookshire Law Office works with Daniel Wilband, our Halifax employment  lawyer. He serves all of Nova Scotia for all of your employment contract needs. If you want to make sure you’re not leaving anything on the table, he can review either contracts you have written or ones you are being asked to sign. A review by a professional is especially important for executive contracts.

If you are on the receiving end of a contract, you may not understand all of the clauses or all of your rights. Our employment contract lawyer will help you review the contract, line by line, to make sure you are fully aware of what you are signing. 

If you are an employer who has a contract template, we can review it and make sure it is up to date with the Labour Standards Code as well as clear and concise. If you don’t have a contract template, we can help you prepare a contract for the position you are hiring for. 

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Our Employment contract Team

We partner with Daniel Wilband for all matters pertaining to employment contracts. He is also experienced in human rights law.

Our employment contract team is here to help you whether you are writing or receiving a contract. We offer many employment law flat fee services to help you control your legal budget.

Employment Contract Flat Fees


*all prices plus HST and expenses

Preparing employment contracts (basic)
Preparing employment contracts (complex)
*$350 per hour, if further time needed
Reviewing employment contracts (legal coaching rate)
$350 per hour

Employment Contract reviews

A breakdown of what's included

  • We will read and explain the contract to you, section by section
  • We will explain what you are being offered, and whether we believe the severance-termination provisions are fair and reasonable
  • The difference between non-compete and non-solicitation clauses will be explained, and in particular, what they might mean for your situation
  • If negotiation points are needed, we will suggest them to you and help you draft your counter offer under your signature
  • We will read the contract for clarity and help you clarify any ambiguities
  • We will review the clauses for legality and make sure they are in alignment with the Labour Standards Code
  • We will suggest clauses which we might find missing from your contract, but believe to be good practice, such as noncompete clauses and reasonable terms of severance
  • We will have a meeting to discuss the position you are filling and to gather the details we will need to cover in the employment contract
  • A contract will be prepared for you to present to prospective employees
  • We will have a meeting to discuss the prepared contract, explaining each clause and the legal requirements they place on you

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