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At Brookshire Law Office, our commitment to delivering outstanding service to our clients is paramount. This is why we confidently recommend Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. for employment law and human rights matters, knowing they will handle them with the utmost expertise and dedication. 

For employees, their employment lawyers can:

  • evaluate whether there has been a wrongful termination
  • assess for human rights issues
  • review termination packages, including severance payments
  • review work contracts as employees begin new employment, ensuring, for example, that proper severance is included as a term of the contract
  • prepare work contracts

For employers, their Halifax employment lawyer provides:

  • investigations
  • the creation or review of employment contracts
  • conflict resolution training 
  • legal media management

Their experienced Halifax employment lawyers are ready to assist you with all types of employment law issues. They can represent you in your matter, see their website for a list of their flat fees. They also offer pay-as-you-go legal coaching for those who would like to represent themselves. 


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An Employment Attorney

If you are non-unionized and have no employment contract that says otherwise, you may be entitled to about a month for every year of service.

You should make sure you have some severance entitlements (such as two to four weeks of pay for every year you work) if you are terminated without just cause.

Our Halifax employment lawyers can help in two ways. They can discuss your situation with you in the method of legal coaching, this is for those who wish to represent themselves in negotiations or court. Our employment lawyers can also fully represent you, preparing for you as well as coming with you to negotiations and court. 

In Nova Scotia if you were a non-high risk employee in terms transmitting Covid-19 and your employer terminated you, then you were entitled to severance pay. It also is likely that you may make a claim for discrimination under the human rights act or, if you were employed by the government, you could sue under the Canadian Charter, if the reason you do not wish to vaccinate is for a sincerely held belief, for example.

You may challenge the federal government’s directive that prevents wrongfully terminated people from receiving employment benefits. Among other things, you can argue that the government created a punitive and arbitrary rule not justified in a free and democratic society.

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