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Brookshire Law Office works with Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. to provide full employment legal services to our clients. Lisa Teryl – sister to Shawn Scott founder of Brookshire Law Office – provides senior employment lawyer advice on employment law and human rights matters. Daniel Wilband, Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.’s employment lawyer, works on all matters relating to non-union and unionized workplaces. He also has a strong background in constitutional law and human rights.

For employees, our employment lawyers:

  • evaluate whether there has been a wrongful termination;
  • assess for human rights issues;
  • review termination packages, including severance payments;
  • review work contracts as employees begin new employment, ensuring, for example, that proper severance is included as a term of the contract;
  • preparing work contracts.

For employers, our employment lawyers provide:

  • investigations;
  • arbitrations;
  • mediations;
  • conflict resolution training and
  • legal media management.
Our experienced Halifax employment and labour lawyers are ready to assist you with all types of employment and labour law issues.
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Flat Fees


Preparing employment contracts (basic)
$800.00 plus HST
Preparing employment contracts (complex)
$1500 plus HST
* $350 per hour plus HST, if further time needed
Workplace investigations
Specialized quote required
Specialized quote required​
Review of employment contract
$350 per hour plus HST, pay-as-you-go hourly
Review of termination contract​
$350 per hour plus HST, pay-as-you-go hourly

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Some helpful questions answered:

If you are non-unionized and have no employment contract that says otherwise, you may be entitled to about a month for every year of service.

You should make sure you have some severance entitlements (such as two to four weeks of pay for every year you work) if you a terminated without just cause.

In Nova Scotia if you’re a non-high risk employee in terms transmitting Covid-19 and your employer terminates you, then you are entitled to severance pay. It also is likely that you may make a claim for discrimination under the human rights act or, if you are employed by the government, you can sue under the Canadian Charter, if the reason you do not wish to vaccinate is for a sincerely held belief, for example.

You may challenge the federal government’s directive that prevents wrongfully terminated people from receiving employment benefits. Among other things, you can argue that the government created a punitive and arbitrary rule not justified in a free and democratic society.

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