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Brookshire’s team of family and divorce lawyers in Halifax can help so that you’re not at a disadvantage when it comes to settling your case. A divorce can be an emotionally overwhelming time period, and making decisions in that state may not be advantageous as it may be difficult to see things objectively.
Our experienced family lawyers will help you navigate through the complexities of family & divorce law. We will be your voice to ensure matters are resolved in your favor.
Our Halifax divorce attorneys know the breakdown of a relationship with an individual can be difficult, and the process of a divorce can take time.  We will ensure that this process is as seamless as possible so that you can focus on planning your future, while we help you negotiate the best possible outcome.
No retainer is required. We provide “pay-as-you-go” and “flat fee” payment options. This allows you to control your costs. Meet with our Senior Trial Counsel on dates and times that work for your schedule–typically we do this by telephone or video conference, or in-person if you prefer.

We offer on-demand family and divorce legal services. Get the legal advice you need at a price you can afford. We aim to make life better for families in Halifax, Dartmouth & Bedford and the surrounding communities. Our family and divorce lawyers in Halifax deal with a broad range of family law matters like the following:

Our divorce and family lawyers in Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford also prepare the following family law agreements:

Our family law firm has been rated “3 Best Rated” divorce lawyers in Halifax.

Talk to our family and divorce lawyers in Halifax today–we are here to open doors and give you access to the legal services you need.
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Our Family Law Team

Shawn Scott is the founder and senior legal counsel at Brookshire Law Office. He has been serving clients in areas of family law and divorce in Nova Scotia for more than 25 years. His focus is on issues involving family relationships, such as legal separations, divorces, childcare disputes, guardianship and adoptions. Shawn represents clients in family court proceedings or in related negotiations. He drafts your important legal documents such as court petitions, marriage contracts, and separation agreements.

Our family law team is here to help you get through some of life’s most challenging moments. Our family and divorce lawyers want to work with you and support you through your family-related legal matters. We believe it is important for you to find a legal team that is right for you.

We understand that separating from your partner can be a very difficult and stressful life event. Our aim is to finalize your divorce or legal separation in a cost-effective and amicable way. We believe it is essential for you to be empowered to control your legal budget and that is why we offer flat-fee legal services.

Family Law Fees

Control your legal costs with our flat fee family law services:

*Prices listed are plus HST and disbursements where applicable.

*All family law flat fees have a $150 admin fee. All family law hourly work has a 4% admin fee.

Uncontested Divorces
$1800 *does not include preparation of the separation agreement
Separation Agreements
Cohabitation Agreements
Prenuptial Agreements
Child Custody and Parenting Plans
Affidavit Creation
$450 per hour
Settlement Conference Opening Phase: Preparation and Filing of Contested Court Application
Settlement Conference Closing Phase: Attendance at one court settlement conference
Other Work Pertaining to Settlement Conferences (such as reviewing opposing party’s materials, offers to settle and negotiations)
$450 per hour
Uncontested Adoptions

Family Law

In Three Easy Steps

1. Book Your First Appointment

Book a time that’s convenient for you with Senior Counsel–book online or call us.

2. Assessment by Senior Counsel

Senior counsel will listen to your issues, answer your legal questions, provide you with recommendations, and the associated costs.

3. Complete Your Legal Project

We offer on-demand legal services so that you get cost-effective and fair results. We walk with you every step of the way.

What We Do

Offered By Our Family
Law Office

We draft all legal documents that you need to complete an uncontested divorce in Halifax including the cover letter to the court under your signature. We do the heavy lifting. You file these completed documents, and nothing more is usually required. After this, the court takes at least three months to issue your divorce order.

Legal documents must be prepared when starting a matter with the family court. Let our Senior Trial Counsel prepare these documents for you. We can prepare these documents for you in person; on the telephone; or, during a video conference.

Every court hearing that you attend requires you to file a sworn statement—a document known as an “affidavit”. The affidavit usually is the most critical document generated in a court proceeding. Judges base their decisions on the evidence they receive. The affidavit you prepare is your opportunity to give the judge the evidence needed to secure a favorable decision. Give yourself a legal edge by allowing our Senior Trial Counsel to write that affidavit with you.

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