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What is involved in probate in Nova Scotia?

Probate, the legal process of validifying and administering a Will, is typically initiated by filing a petition with the appropriate court. The process can be complex and the courts recommend, though do not require, that a lawyer with experience in probate help you with this.

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Power of Attorney in Nova Scotia

A power of attorney in Nova Scotia is a legal document that allows you to appoint another person to make decisions on your behalf, usually about your financial matters. You can choose anyone you trust, such as a spouse, a relative, a friend, or a professional.

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Personal Directives in Nova Scotia – 5 common questions

A Personal Directive is a document that sets out how personal care decisions will be made for you when you are no longer mentally capable of making those decisions yourself. These would include things such as your health care decisions. This directive is only in effect when you are alive but mentally incapable of speaking for yourself. 

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Do I need a Will in Nova Scotia?

The short answer is that legally, no, it is not required. However, there are many reasons why it is a good idea. We would like to break down why we think so and answer other common questions for you.

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