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Our family law office in Halifax is committed to our client’s success. At Brookshire Law Office we believe in making life better for you and your family. When you need a Halifax lawyer, we want you to think of us. We strive to earn this privilege by offering cost effective counsel to families in Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford when they face life’s legal challenges.

We pride ourselves on empowering our clients to manage their legal fees and expenses in a manner that respects their household budgets. We do this by using our “pay-as-you-go” and “flat fee” payment options. We are your no retainer Halifax lawyers.

Our firm practices in the following Family Law matters:

Our family law office in Halifax also deals with broader family issues like preparing estate documents, probate matters, real estate transactions and immigration proceedings. Our family law firm has been ranked “3 Best Rated” lawyers in Halifax.

Our door is always open.

Shawn A. Scott

Founder and Senior Legal Counsel Brookshire Law Office

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Our Halifax lawyers have decades of experience solving the legal problems that families face in Nova Scotia. Brookshire Law Office is a family law firm that provides affordable legal services by offering “pay-as-you-go” and “flat rate” payment options so that you can manage your legal budget–retainers are not required.

We also offer legal coaching services. This is where you can meet with a Halifax lawyer who can draft your documents and strategize with you to obtain fair and reasonable outcomes without the expense of full representation.

We serve Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and the surrounding areas. Our office is conveniently located at 380 Bedford Highway, Halifax–two minutes from Larry Uteck Boulevard.

Legal Services

Offered By Our Halifax lawyers


Family Law - Halifax Lawyer

We offer family services that will assist you in preparing separation agreements, marriage contracts, contested and uncontested divorces, adoptions and guardianships. At times divorce can be sudden and far too often we find that individuals have very little knowledge on how to proceed when faced with family legal issues.

Our family law office has all your family services under one roof. 

We offer “pay-as-you-go” and “flat fee” services.

Immigration Law - Halifax Lawyer

Hiring an immigration lawyer can be the difference between getting accepted or being rejected from coming into the country. Navigating through the immigration laws as someone who is not familiar with these laws can be daunting and complex. Our trusted immigration lawyers at Brookshire Law office will help you establish a new home and ensure your transition to the country is as smooth as possible.

Our senior legal counsel offers a broad range of immigration services to assist newcomers who want Nova Scotia to be their home. We offer “pay-as-you-go” and “flat fee” services.

Real Estate and Property Law

When it comes to your home purchase or sale having a Halifax lawyer can make a lot of sense, because of the complexities involved in the transfer process. Our real estate and property lawyers at Brookshire law office can help ensure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. We’re here to help you buy and sell your dream home, as the process can be stressful. We’ll ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our legal team will assist you in completing your property transactions including the sale, refinance or purchase of the property. We offer “flat fee” services.

Wills & Estates - Halifax Lawyer

One wrong word or even a missing signature can be the difference in the way a Will can be perceived. This is why it is highly important to speak with a Wills & Estates lawyer. The rules and regulations in the province of Nova Scotia can be complex and not having an experienced Estate and Wills lawyer can be costly. 

At Brookshire Law Office our experienced Wills and Estates lawyers are here to help you complete your Estate Plan: Will, Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive. Our Wills and estate planning services include the drafting and review of wills, powers of attorney, and personal directives. We offer “flat fee” services for the preparation of your will and estate planning. As well, we offer “flat fee” and “pay-as-you-go” services for probate court. 

Employment Law - Halifax Lawyer

When you are presented with a new employment contract, having an employment lawyer review it can make a lot of sense because they can make sure you aren’t leaving anything on the table. We recommend an employment lawyer who can help ensure the severance-termination provisions are adequate. 

Their legal team can also assist you if you are the one preparing the contract, as well as in workplace investigations and arbitrations.

Probate Lawyer

Following the passing of an individual, the Will might necessitate submission for probate, especially when dealing with financial institutions like banks or investment companies. Such entities typically require the probate registry’s legal validation before releasing funds to the executor or personal representative designated in the Will. With our skilled probate lawyers by your side, you can navigate these procedures seamlessly.

“3 Best Rated”

Halifax Lawyer

Brookshire Law Office is rated “3 Best Rated” Divorce Lawyers in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Brookshire Law Office is rated “3 Best Rated” Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our Testimonials

Reviews From Our Clients

Brandon Salter
Brandon Salter
Aug 2022
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I would highly recommend Brookshire Law Office for their professionalism, calm and customer focused approach. My counsel told me their goal as a lawyer is to attain the best result at the lowest cost to the client, I believe from my outcome the team has done that and more. In the future should I ever need any further legal advice, Brookshire Law Office will be the first place I call.
Karen Crosby
Karen Crosby
2 years ago
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I was proud to be represented by Brookshire Law Office where integrity and dedication is held in high regard. Not easily distracted from “noise”, professionalism is top level and always in play while still leaving room for compassion. A firm that recognizes the importance of communication and not only welcomes it, but is effective at it. I will be returning for any legal needs in the future with complete confidence and would recommend the firm without pause. A special thank you to both Shawn and Jeffrey.
Binder Vegas
Binder Vegas
10 Months Ago
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The firm has gone out of their way to make sure I was satisfied with their service. And they are doing a fantastic job! Thank you Brookshire Law.
Shelby Brady
Shelby Brady
A month ago
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Great service! Maegan and Alan went above and beyond with helping us buy our first home! The fees were reasonable and the process was easy! Would highly recommend Brookshire Law for any home buyers looking for a lawyer.
Warren Carroll
Warren Carroll
8 months ago
Read More
The fact that we find ourselves in a position where we must seek legal council is never a pleasant time in our lives. However if that time does come I would highly recommend Shawn Scott and the staff at Brookshire Law . He has a way of calming the emotions and getting to the reality of the situation. Not always what you want to hear but exactly what you need to know. Thanks Shawn and Barb for your professionalism and supplying me with everything I needed.
Shane Noseworthy
Shane Noseworthy
A year ago
Read More
The 30 min consult is a great ice breaking option to get started if you are unsure about calling a lawyer, or if you need clarification on an issue.

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At Brookshire Law Office we believe in making life better for you and your family.
Our Halifax Law firm gives families meaningful ways to access justice so that fair and reasonable outcomes can be obtained in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our immigration practice opens doors for newcomers to our province giving them sage counsel and direction as they settle into our Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford communities.

We assist our clients in preparing the estate documents including their last Will and testament, their power of attorney and their personal directive.  The preparation of such documents ensures their loved ones have the right legal documents when they most need them. Our real estate counsel can help with life’s transitions: buy your dream home, refinance your current home or sell the homestead.

Let our Halifax lawyers help you harness the power of the law and make it work for you.

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